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I can't find the product I'm looking for. How do I find out if you sell it?

Please get in touch with your local showroom to see if the item is part of our store range but not yet available online.

What if there is an error with pricing or another aspect of ordering?

The order will be cancelled, and you will be notified accordingly.

The website said that there was stock in the showroom but when I went there it was sold out?

We endeavour to ensure that stock levels on our website are updated regularly. Still, we can often sell out of stock quickly for some items, particularly those that are on promotion or are very popular. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Why is this product not available in my showroom?

Each of our unique Design 10 Showrooms is independently operated and offer a curated collection of Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry products. Flooring and Cladding are now available at selected Showrooms in Melbourne, Geelong and Hobart only. Our Design

Do you stock the same products online and in-showroom?

Our online store does NOT always stock the same items you'll find in-store, and prices may not be the same in-showroom as online. To check whether an item you found online is available in the showroom, visit How can I find an item in the showroom?

What do I do if the price changes for an item in my cart?

Prices for products on our website may vary, particularly for items on clearance. If you notice that the price for an item in your cart has changed when you’re ready to purchase, unfortunately, it could mean that the last of the clearance items have

Can lead times vary based on the product finish?

Yes, the lead time for receiving a product can vary based on the finish that you select. This is because some finishes are made to order and have a specific manufacturing lead time. For example, the Polished Organic Brass finish has a 12-week manufac

Where can I find product dimensions?

Product dimensions are often listed on our website; however, if you cannot find the information you need online, you can contact us directly. We can provide detailed specifications, such as dimensions, in a PDF format upon request for any of our prod

Do you have this item in stock?

We have items in stock in our various warehouses. If you are looking for a specific item, please get in touch with us, specifying the product you are interested in, and we will confirm its availability for you.

Does the price differ for different finishes?

Yes, the price can vary depending on the finish you choose for your product. Each finish may have a different price, and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote. To receive an accurate price, you will need to specify the exact finish yo

How can I understand the dimensions mentioned in product descriptions?

Dimensions mentioned in product descriptions refer to specific aspects of the items. For example, the outer dimensions or the hole dimensions of a plate will be explicitly stated. If you require clarification regarding measurements, feel free to reac

What should I do if my purchase has a manufacturing defect or is damaged?

If your purchase appears to have a manufacturing defect or is damaged, please take images or videos of the faulty product and send them to us. We will forward the information to our after-sales department for further review and to organise any necess

Can I order more of a clearance line item at the same price?

Unfortunately, items that were sold as part of a clearance line cannot be ordered again at the clearance price. If you want another piece, we can certainly order one for you, but it will be at the current price. We are happy to provide a quote for th

How can I contact customer service for assistance with products not carried by your shop?

If you are seeking assistance with a product that is not carried by our shop, we recommend consulting the user manual for your specific product or contacting the manufacturer's customer support directly. They are often best equipped to guide you on h

Can you offer a better price?

While we work hard to maintain competitive prices across our range, if you're seeking the best deal, don't hesitate to contact our customer care team! They can assist you further. Contact them at 03 9007 2247 or through live chat for personalised ass

Can I order products that are not currently listed on your website?

Certainly! We can order most products from the brands available online. Simply reach out to our customer care team with the details of the items you're interested in, and they will arrange a quote for you promptly.