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How do I order via Store to Door?Updated a year ago

Exploring our showroom but struggling to locate the desired style, size, or configuration you have in mind? Rest assured; our showroom team is ready to assist by placing an order for the specific item(s) you're seeking from our warehouse, all made possible through our convenient Showroom-to-Door service.

How to Proceed with an Order:

  1. Share the product(s) you're interested in with our showroom team.
  2. Our team will verify the availability of your chosen product's style, size, or configuration in our warehouse and guide you through the payment process.
  3. Once the details are confirmed, we'll organise the delivery of your selected item directly to your doorstep!

The Delivery Experience:

Every order is dispatched from our warehouse using standard shipping, typically completed within 2-3 business days. For precise shipping estimates, please refer to our Delivery page.

Variations in Shipping Methods:

Please note that we currently cannot provide international or express shipping alternatives.

Associated Costs:

Engaging our showroom-to-door service comes without any additional charges. Your orders are processed seamlessly without incurring extra expenses.

Returning or Exchanging Showroom-to-Door Purchases:

Items acquired through our Showroom-to-Door service align with the guidelines set for online purchases. To gain comprehensive insights into our returns policy, kindly consult our Returns & Exchanges section.

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